Our Company actively participates in the development of a contemporary helicopter center «Heli-Drive», located on 7.9 Hectares adjacent to the territory of our «Portland» project. Our professionals provide guidance in architecture, marketing, and legal support for the project.

«Heli-Drive» is a contemporary private helicopter center. Project is planned for two development phases.

The first phase commissioned the initial structure that includes a hangar for up to 15 helicopters, a workshop, and offices. A designated area has been allocated for storage of fuels and lubricants.



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The second phase of the project envisions construction of the main building that will house a mix of uses, including:

  • Equipment hanger for up to 50 units of foreign aviation.
  • A technical inspection workshop.
  • Administration building.
  • Auditoriums.
  • The control room.
  • A restaurant.
  • Specialized shops.

The helicopter center provides a complete range of services for helicopter operations, from sales and leasing to complete technical service and maintenance.
More Project details and current offerings can be found at www.helidrive.com.