Novo-Sergievo is a new master-planned residential neighborhood that will offer the European quality of living in prestigious part of Krasnoselsky District of St. Petersburg.

«Satellite Development» manages the entitlements of this 381-hectare project on behalf of the land owners.

Our Company pays special attention to the initial development concept, focusing on creation of comfortable and attractive residential district, designed based on the principles of new urbanism.

The project considers current and projected real estate trends and will cater to sophisticated and discriminating buyer.



More information about «Novo-Sergievo»

Location of «Novo-Sergievo» is unique:

  • Proximity to the Sea Residence of the President of Russia (Konstantinovsky Palace).
  • Proximity to the palace ensembles of unique cultural and architectural heritage.
  • Surrounded by multiple parks, open space, and recreational areas.
  • Adjacent to the Gulf of Finland.
  • Ecologically clean environment.

According to the development concept, «Novo-Sergievo» will be developed with medium- (up to five stories high) to high-density (up to twelve stories) buildings within the existing building height regulations. Approximately 1.5 million sq. m. of residential structures will be constructed at buildout. The Project also envisions various commercial developments totaling 700 thousand sq. m., as well as all required social and transit infrastructure.

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